So this is my first blog...and IM SO EXCITED!!!! I have created this blog because I need another outlet from the INFAMOUS Facebook... I needed something that I would be able to share with you my work, thoughts and network with LESS DRAMA and So here it is... I present to FIRST blog post.

Day 1, March 30th-31st...I think I may be coming down with a sinus infection due to this messed up MI weather.... So I really didnt get too much done today, I tried to rest my body because Im more useful healthy then but hopefully Ill feel much better tomorrow. I did manage to do 3 tattoos today.... 2 which I actually took pictures feel free to critique...

Orchids w. butterfly

My brother's keeper w.rose and thorns

Dont be too harsh, Ive only been tattooing for a year and
So thats that with the tats today
Thanx for paying a little attention, God bless!