April 3,4,5---UPDATES
Ok, so I havent been updating my blog like Im suppose to at all... Besides from being in pain from my new tongue ring....yea I said it TONGUE RING... Ive just been watching the games and chillin. Business has been very slow do to the fact that its in Detroit this year which is my place of residence. SO I've had a mini vacation (which Im not liking because I havent been making any $$$) but HEY I guess this was God's way of telling me to take a break! Fortunately, I have clients today so Im updating this blog in between appointments....

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo whats been up! I did manage to do a tattoo for a good friend of mine Adubb of FINALLY FAMOUS. He got "The Hundreds" logo bomb behind his ear.. Thats INSANELY DOPE!!! They need to give him a contract!

Back to the FINAL FOUR- MSU ROCKED UCONN and I told EVERYONE THEY WOULD! I think MSU has alot more drive, they really want this title...they want to win this championship more than anyone and they really DESERVE thats my say so... I think that MSU will take the title overall and even if they dont they WILL NOT get blown out by UNC...this will be a GREAT game! I cant wait until tomorrow!!!

SO I also had a chance to kick it @ Burn Rubber w. Rick and staff...and of course Jay John was there! :) I love them all! Thats about the only sneaker boutique I cop from because I NEVER leave disappointed....I got some new kicks, a 10DEEP tee, and some BR LaceLocks so Im happy :) (ALL SMILES)!!!

Well thats all I got for you today, if something special happens then I will do another update I guess....