Ive been away a min, now im back ......

I know I havent updated then in about 2-3weeks but I have been soooooooooo addicted to Twitter (shout out to @Montsterr) I have not even thought about it....saddening isnt it? I have been able to meet some interesting people and Ive gained more clients...its like Facebook with no drama! Anywho... I have had a very interesting 2-3 weeks. I have figured out that my business does INDEED change according to the weather... its a rainy day today so its a little slower than usual so Im able to update my blog midday instead of late night.

A couple of events have passed that I've had the pleasure of being apart of. The three that stand out the most are: The N.E.R.D. Official Concert Afterparty Hosted By: FF and Pompous Apparel w. special guests Big Sean, FF, Mike Posner and Dusty McFly. House of Soul Official Keri Hilson AfterParty @ Premium and Forever Young: Sneaker Affair presented by Ponce De Leon Ent...

SO of course I took pictures!! So here they are and just couple of the tats Ive done..

Premium Night Club

The bathroom shot...hey they have the best lighting

the bestie and I

See Next Post for other PICTURES..